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0414 379 682
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Are you in your middle age and feeling depressed? Life coaching can help you to get over your problems

Jane sounded depressed over phone. After a long chat she admitted that she felt lost after her teenage daughter joined college and shifted to another city. She also was not happy with her current job profile. There were some issues with her husband as well. I felt worried for her and suggested her to consult a life coach like I did when I hit rock bottom. Jane was skeptical and I had to convince her.

What is life coaching?

People define it in many ways but I have a simple definition. Our aim in life is to be happy and a life coach teaches us to find happiness in life. She rebuilds our self-confidence and resets the priorities of life. Life coaching is all about finding our mojo and living life to the fullest.

Life coaching why women need it?

Jane is not alone. Most women do not feel that they need a life coach. However, the truth is women need help with their life as much as men require it in their midlife. Yes, midlife crisis for women gets worse because of menopause. Moreover, after the children grow up and start depending less on their mothers, the women experience a void that nothing can fill up. Life coaching can help women to get connected to their inner self and understand their priorities.

If you feel stuck and do not know how to find your way in the labyrinth of life, a life coach can gently show you the way. If you suddenly find yourself getting restless and not finding enough reason to pursue your career goals, your life coach can help you to reconnect to your inner self and derive inspiration to lead ahead.

Life coaching for women is very important as most women face midlife crisis and do not know how to tackle it. Physical changes along with psychological problems cause depression and may get severe unless addressed on time.

Benefits of life coaching

Well, the benefits are multiple. From understanding whats going on in life to regaining self-esteem, life coaching helps a woman in many ways. It helps to cope with stress, depression and loneliness. Life coaching enables women to overcome anxiety and fear that often results from competition in the workplace.

Life coaching has been found to be empowering women to lead a life they truly want. Some women find that a coach helps them in discovering holistic life thereby solving the health issues more effectively.

Whether you are feeling lost or stuck, whether you need a break or not, a life coach is the ideal person to help you to take better decisions and be happy about yourself and life when you stand at a crucial juncture of life.


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